Art Alley: The ever-changing art gallery

Untitled ArtworkRAPID CITY, S.D. – Type in the words “Art Alley” into your favorite search engine, and a few places come up. Gainesville, Florida. Lynchburg, Virginia. Monroe, Louisiana. Kansas City, Missouri. These special places are carved-out sections of usually downtown areas, where artists are given an urban canvas to let loose on. The Art Alley of Rapid City is no different.

Art Ally of Rapid City (the alleyway that stretches from 6th street to 7th street between Saint Joseph Street and Main Street) started in 2003. A small group of artists initially started hanging large canvases of their artwork on the walls of the alley. But eventually, the art collective grew and they started painting directly on the walls.

In 2016 Art Alley became managed by the Rapid City Arts Council. This helped the space become an “official collaborative public art project” according to its website. An easily accessible free permit is now required before any painting can be done. This free permit can be obtained at the Dahl Arts Center.

An education representative from the Rapid City Arts Council says they are looking to make a change to the Art Alley permits. To make things a bit easier, the permit system will be ditching the paper process and making it digital.

Art Alley is a unique little section of Rapid City. It’s a pretty amazing experience walking down an alleyway surrounded by art from your community. If you find yourself passing by the alley, do yourself a favor and take a stroll down Rapid City’s very own outdoor art gallery.

Art Alley: The ever-changing art gallery

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