Arrowhead Country Club demos state-of-the-art tennis equipment

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With temperatures over the weekend lingering near zero, it’s hard to imagine warmer weather will ever come back.

One group had a taste of the coming summer months though. Tennis players at Arrowhead Country Club had the chance to try state-of-the-art equipment for the tennis season ahead.

Wilson recently unveiled their newest racket, “The Clash.” Experts say it’s one of the most flexible rackets on the market.

According to Matt Morrow, the tennis director at Arrowhead, holding demo clinics lets local players re-evaluate their current equipment, and explore the benefits of new rackets.

“If you have tennis elbow or if you have problems with striking a tennis ball, or health issues when using an older racket, a lot of those get alleviated with newer technology.”

Morrow continued to say that this is the first equipment clinic that Arrowhead has hosted in several years.


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