Armadillos Ice Cream Shoppe opens for the season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A big sign of spring in Rapid City isn’t the blooming of flowers, but the return of Armadillos Ice Cream.

The popular ice cream store on Main Street officially opened Monday.

With Armadillos only open seasonally, many in Rapid City mark the opening day on their calendars.

With a list of specialty confections and a rotating flavor of the day, for a lot of locals it’s just not spring until they get their Armadillos.

“It’s really humbling to think, you know I hear a lot of people like it’s spring because armadillos is open,” said Austin Brummer, co-owner of Armadillos Ice Cream, “And we’re just thrilled to be here and this is our 26th season. I think this is something that a lot of our customers kinda look forward to on March 1st.”

Even though the return of Armadillos definitely makes it feel more like spring, the official start of the season isn’t until Saturday, March 20.

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