Outlaw rink

DEADWOOD, S.D. — The new, artificial skating rink, Glice, for Outlaw Square was set to be delivered almost a month ago. An unforeseen labor strike in a Barcelona, Spain port city has caused a delay in it being finished.

The new rink is being delivered all the way from Lucerne, Switzerland from the company, Glice. It is a type of technology that would allow for the rink to be in use more often. The company’s website claims the rink uses no electricity or water and can be used in any climate.

Parts for the rink are currently sitting in a New York City port waiting customs. They will then be placed in shipping containers and trucked from the East Coast to Deadwood.

Even with delay to the rink, project leaders are confident it will be ready in time for the Outlaw Square Grand Opening in two weeks.

“Everyone is really excited,” says Outlaw Square Director, Bobby Rock. “We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as they say. Construction crews from the contractors to the sub-contractors have all been great. They’ve all been working hard as you can see, the weather has not been a friend of this project. But the crews have been great and we’ve been able to get through this. In two weeks you’ll see the Grand Opening of Outlaw Square.”