Archery hunting season starts September 1

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The start of archery hunting season begins in the Black Hills on September 1.

Hunting remains the number one tool for managing deer populations across South Dakota.

If we did not have hunting put in place, deer and other animals would cause more issues for the public.

“Things would get out of balance pretty quickly,” said Adam Geigle, District Conservation Officer for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. “If deer populations get too high, too many deer too big of herds. They eat all the food that is available and you have deer dying of starvation, dying of disease. And stuff like that, and its a miserable way to go. Not saying that we still don’t have a little bit of that, that goes on but typically its very minimal to what it could be.”

Game, Fish and Parks is asking that all hunters go over their hunter safety handbook and make themselves familiar with any changes that may have been made over the last year.


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