Arcades 4 Less creating custom made classic video games for arcade, game lovers

Arcades 4 Less is bringing the classics back by creating custom made classic video games.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Sometimes, you gotta stay with the classics.

Classic video games like Pacman will always be a classic way to look back fondly on the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Arcades 4 Less 5

But, Arcades 4 Less, which has a booth at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo, is more than just a way to play the old-time games.

The company sells custom made video games, hoping to bring people back to the good ol’ days.

“We do shows all around the United States and basically just try to spread the awareness about the arcade movement and try to get people arcades for their homes, businesses, restaurants, wherever they may be,” said Matt Mohammadi, the owner of Arcade 4 Less. “I mean, you’ll be in your local Pizza Hut and you’ll see one of these, or you’ll be in your local dentist offices and see one of these. You just never know nowadays.”

Mohammadi says that the games also are a great tool to stay indoors and warm during the winter months, especially in South Dakota.

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