“Arc of Dreams” sculpture assembled in Sturgis goes up in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD — The skyline of downtown Sioux Falls got a new addition thanks to the help of a Sturgis artist.

The second and final piece of artist Dale Lamphere’s “Arc of Dreams”was erected Thursday after being assembled in Sturgis and brought to Sioux Falls over the last month.

The stainless steel piece arcs 70 feet above the Big Sioux River and is the length of a football field. The structure was created to represent the “leap of faith dreamers take to see their dreams come true”. Lamphere is known to many South Dakotans as the sculptor of the iconic “Dignity” statue in Chamberlain, SD.

SculptureWalk representatives say this piece is the capstone of the walking art exhibit.

“It really is a game changer this is going to be what we understand, the 6th tallest sculpture in America, so it becomes a destination for people will want to see.” said SculptureWalk media director Jeff Hanson, “And when the lighting goes up and everything’s all lit, it just becomes an awesome sight.”

This piece is the 60th addition to the downtown sculpture walk.

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