Anti-Nepotism bill filed in South Dakota Senate

Three South Dakota legislators are filing a bill designed to prevent state officials from hiring their relatives.

The legislation is primarily sponsored by Republican Senator Stace Nelson, who says he’s heard from many South Dakotans who are angry at a culture of corruption and entitlement in Pierre.

According to Nelson,

“The critics of this are right. Retrieving the integrity of our state employment process, from the damage done by such actions in the past, is the respect we owe the taxpayers and the thousands of hard working state employees across South Dakota.  State employment, promotions, retention, and opportunities should not be based off political family power, but solely on merit.”

The bill is also being sponsored by Republican Representative Sam Marty and Republican Senator Lance Russell.

The legislation was filed shortly after an announcement by Governor Kristi Noem that she recruited her daughter, Kennedy Noem, to join her administration as a policy analyst.

South Dakota is one of only 16 states without some degree of prohibition against government officials hiring relatives.

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