Another cracker barrel held in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Another cracker barrel was held for the public in Rapid City on Saturday.

Cracker barrels are an open forum where the public can ask state legislators about bills passing through the legislative session.

The room was pact with spectators and plenty of questions. Both house and senate bills were discussed and some topics received more attention than others. At the forefront of concern were LGBTQ rights – with many locals questioning house bills 1057 and 1215.

Bill 1057 proposes making gender reassignment surgery a crime if performed on minors and 1215 addresses revoking rights for same sex couples to be married in the state.

Along with those bills are two newer senate bills that were discussed, bills 157 and 70. 157 was recently announced at the Black Hills Stock Show opening and it entails adjusting the permitting process for feed lots. Bill 70 proposes allowing the South Dakota driver’s licencing test to be translated to Spanish. This bill was recently supported by Mayor Steve Allender.

Although cracker barrels may not have direct affect on whether the bill passes, it’s an opportunity for legislators to better understand the desires and concerns of the community.

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