Annual Hill City Quilt Show & Sale comes to close

HILL CITY, S.D. — The Hill City Quilt Show is put on by the Arts Council and partners with the Heart of the Hills Quilt Guild.

The quilts came from all over the Black Hills, including some from Wyoming and North Dakota.

Although quilting is broken down into four basic types of quilts. The quilts at the art show were all unique to the artist’s specific style.

“Every quilt is different, even though a lot of people follow a pattern they always change it up just a little bit.” Said Mackenzie Swanson, Hill City Arts Council Coordinator. “In there fabric choice or where they are gonna place something, their borders. So that’s what I like to see is that even though there is a pattern involved, each artist is different and therefore each quilt is different too.”

Each year for the Hill City Quilt Show, there is a featured quilter who is able to set up a booth showcasing their work. This year’s featured artist moved to the Black Hills 13 years ago. And when she moved, she sold all of her sewing equipment to try and enjoy the outdoors of South Dakota.

But the passion found its way back to her after a few years when she started to miss sewing and picked up the hobby of making quilts.

“I wasn’t gonna do this anymore, I was gonna sew,” said Featured Quilter, Sue Gies. “I was gonna go play and have fun and hike and bike and you know do all that stuff. And then I was just missing that one little thing and so I got back into it and it just has been a fabulous journey for me.”

Although the main setup for the quilt show is in the Hill City Middle School, quilts were hung up all over town for the occasion.


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