Annual dog show a paw-sitively good time for all

Dog Being JudgedRAPID CITY, S.D. — Hundreds of dogs, all looking very fetching, gathered at The Monument over the weekend as the annual Rapid City Kennel Club Dog Show took place.

For three days the animals, assisted by their owners and handlers, were shown to judges in hopes of winning their category and best-in-show.

As judges select the winners, they usually have a pre-determined list of things they look for when they pick the winners.

“So we’re judging the dogs based on its particular standard,” show judge Judi Bendt explained. “And what it was bred to do. Look at it and see could this dog actually do the job it was bred for.”

Turnout among the dogs and their entourages was strong, and despite some issues with things such as lack of judges, RCKC officials were able to pull off the event.

“The show, the people, the dogs. Everything has been great. Other than, we’ve had trouble getting judges in here because of all this COVID business going on and the airlines stopping flying, so that’s held up a lot. And it’s been a lot of other clubs in other states and areas have had to move their days to our date,” Bendt said.

At the end of the day, a Dalmatian took home best-in-show for Sunday’s day of competition.

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