Annual Deadwood Shootout poker tournament


Today was the second day of the three day Deadwood Shootout poker tournament held at the Siverado-Franklin with buy ins are set at $1,100. 15 rounds of poker were played whittling down the competition and will continue to do so again on Sunday until a winner is determined.

Although the stakes are high in the Shootout, it is a top priority that players are enjoying themselves and having fun while playing poker.

Poker Room manager Greg Glodt said ” We want to have a lot of fun, we enjoy it. Poker is what we do, so getting these crowds together and seeing some of these faces we see just a couple of times a year. It is good to get these people in here and you know just see everybody. Of course we got a couple of great trophies that we give away. One of them will be given away tomorrow and of course in the State Championship we have in May, we will give another fantastic trophy.”


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