Annual A.D.A celebration recognizes community initiatives

Rapid City residents looked back on community initiatives that have made their city more accessible.

The Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities hosted its 28th annual Americans with Disabilities Act Celebration at the Canyon Lake Activity Center on Friday. The event was dedicated to recognizing the impact of the A.D.A. on Rapid City and its community.

Attendees had dinner and talked about the ways A.D.A. has improved their lives, such as handicap parking and A.D.A. compliant measures taken at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

City Council member Jason Salamun also gave an executive proclamation that recognized the organizations and communities that strive to represent A.D.A. interests.

Catherine Greseth, Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities chairman, said that Rapid City has a very proactive community that supports people of all abilities.

"You can become a member of the disability community in a snap of a finger, and with age comes disabilities as well. So, I think western South Dakota – it’s growing, but as it grows, we’re still a tight-knit community and we do care about each other," Greseth said. "We look at those things and we want to make it available for our loved ones – brothers, sisters, whomever it might be."

Western Resources for Independent Living also showcased an emergency resources booth, including a demonstration of their easy-access alert system technology.

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