1+1 Winner: Anna Rau

It’s time again for another edition of the 1+1 Giveaway series. Every other week, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank gift a teacher with $500 to pay for materials that otherwise would come out of pocket.

The March 7 winner was Anna Rau from General Beadle Elementary School.

Rau works with special education students who have a variety of needs, such as alternative seating, sensory, behavioral, and academic needs. Rau plans to address these needs with her gifted funds.

"A sensory table and bouncy balls for them to sit on and a teepee for them to sit in. So, just different things to help them,” says Rau.

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NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank recognize that there is a broad spectrum of needs for students and are honored for the opportunity to make their learning experience more positive. Anna Whetham, the NewsCenter1 sales manager, says the 1+1 Giveaway aims to help all the different learning environments.

"I think it’s extremely important to understand that there are so many different students with so many different needs, and so all of our different presentations are going to go to a lot of different students and cater to the different needs that they have. And this one especially has special learning things that will hopefully help these special needs students learn better and be able to understand information the way that they need to,” says Whetham.

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