Ankle monitor issue leads to fourth arrest of Keystone manslaughter suspect

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Accused killer Maxton James Pfeiffer is getting out of jail for a fourth time after a Rapid City judge reinstated his electronic monitoring order, following an issue with the system that led to a violation of his bond.

Pfeiffer is accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old Ty Scott in Keystone last year.

Pfeiffer and his parents, testifying in court Tuesday, the ankle monitor he was wearing was not working correctly. Pfeiffer’s family says their rural Black Hills home is to blame for poor cell reception that quickly drains the battery.

Pennington County Judge Jeffrey Connolly ruled that Pfeiffer did violate the terms of his bond after his electronic monitor died and law enforcement was unable to immediately get in touch with him, leading to his re-arrest Friday.

Pfeiffer was initially arrested in June of last year and released on bond. Then, he was arrested two more times in April and May for separate bond violations.

Scott’s mother and grandfather pleaded to Judge Connolly that Pfeiffer should remain in jail due to the number of chances he’s been given.

Connolly reinstated the electronic monitoring order after deeming that Pfeiffer is not a risk to the community.

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