Anamosa Street expansion hopes to end in early 2023

Dream Design International, INC. President says water-source construction currently the focus; surfacing to follow

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Expanding East Anamosa Street in Rapid City has been on the drawing board since the 1990s, but hadn’t started before now due to the cost.

It was identified in 2000 that it would be a huge improvement for the city’s transport system to make the connection between East Rapid to Rushmore Crossing.

Dream Design International, INC. stepped in to pay for the $10 million project and literally started moving dirt, about 1 million yards of it last year, in cooperation with the city.

“So this has been really dreamt of way before we started this development. And this development kind of expedited the construction of the project,” Hani Shafai, President of Dream Design International, INC. said. “So, this project is a public-private partnership between the city and us to really provide for that major connection, and it will hopefully relieve some of the transportation issues that exist on Campbell Street and Omaha Street.”

A public-private partnership involves a developer (Dream Design) paying for the infrastructure and regaining some of the money back with a Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Unlike completely privately funded roads, once completed the expanded street will go to the city and be toll-free.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, TIF is “a value capture revenue tool that uses taxes on future gains in real estate values to pay for new infrastructure improvements.”

This project will connect East Rapid to the rest of the city, providing a shortcut to Rushmore Crossing and even cutting down commute times for Rapid Valley residents.

There is also a branch-off in the road toward Western Dakota Tech, providing another route for college students.

“It (Western Dakota Tech) was disconnected from all the restaurants and the retail that is just north of it, where the connection of East Anamosa and Mickelson Drive will provide a direct connection from the Western Dakota Tech to those facilities, allowing access to the students to really go enjoy a nice meal next door and those restaurants without traveling about three miles,” Shafai said. “And also provides them access to jobs like Menards or the Rushmore Crossing Area, or some of the other businesses that are just to the north.”

Through Road BlocksAlthough transportation is the main reason, the plan will also provide additional water sources to the east side of the city. The water mains, sewer mains and storm sewers is the focus of the project right now which is currently planned to be finished this year.

When that’s done, surfacing the road will begin with the completion of the first phase to be early 2023.

The area will remain busy with more plans once phase one is done.

“We have a lot of affordable apartments that are in the design phase. We anticipate approximately 2,000 apartments to be built within this subdivision, and those will be hopefully done within the next three years which will fill in some of the needs that our community have,” Shafai said.

Phase two of the project will connect Copperfield to Elk Vale Road, hoping to finish that phase within the next two years.

Dream Design is a full service company that provides planning, engineering, construction and land development. They try to identify the needs of the community and fill those needs whether it’s transportation, utilities, affordable housing, commercial facilities or industrial faculties.

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