An icon in Rapid City, Firehouse Brewing Co. serves up history, beer and food

Firehouse Brewing Company has been an icon in downtown Rapid City for 31 years. The building gets its name from it being a firehouse from 1915 until the 1980s.


Firehouse Brewing Co. is South Dakota’s oldest brew pub. The establishment incorporates a number of different styles of beer, appealing to a wide base of customers.

“We get visitors from all over the country who are coming here during the summer. So try to have a lot of different variety of beer that will encompass lots of different tastes,” said Firehouse Brewing Co. General Manager Rob Keighron.

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Firehouse 6They still have the original brewhouse, which is right up on the second floor of the building. But only a couple of months ago, they started a whole new brewing system in their old winery building, and they’re using it as an opportunity to expand their brewing process.

They also have a brand new canning line that allows them to can 12 and 16 ounce cans. It also allows them to create some unique beers that maybe they can’t always keep on tap.

“And so you’ll start seeing them in distributors and grocery stores and liquor stores all over the Black Hills area, and they’ll have that iconic Firehouse logo,” Rob added.


The menu at Firehouse Brewing Co. changes periodically. The main goal is to try to be all-American with burgers, barbecue, stout stew and gumbo. 

“And then our mushroom fire caps probably are more popular than anything else. It’s a mushroom stuffed with crab dip with cheese on top, and it’s baked in an oven for about 10 minutes. It’s absolutely heavenly and to die for,” Rob said.


Another staple of Firehouse Brewing Co. is the patio that they open up in the summertime, and it can fit about 120 people.

“Tons of people will go out there and just kind of enjoy the nice weather, and really we certainly have entertainment as well, and that’s a great opportunity to kind of enjoy downtown Rapid City doing the summer tour,” said Rob.

Firehouse Features

There are some great photos and firefighter equipment decorated all over the interior.

“We’ve accumulated and amassed equipment from all over the country, particularly firehouses that have closed throughout the country,” Rob said.

They also collect patches from firefighters all over the world.

“Every day we get a patch from from someone who comes in to our our establishment, and I can remember just recently getting one from France,” Rob said. “So people from all over the world hear about the Firehouse. They come, they visit and we hang their patches up all over the place.”

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