Amid safety concerns, Sen. Thune, Rep. Johnson set to attend inauguration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A heavy military and law enforcement presence stands watch over the nation’s capital. 25,000 National Guardsmen are in Washington D.C., including dozens from South Dakota, who are deployed to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Governor Kristi Noem is in Washington and paid them a visit, thanking them for their service.

As security remains a top priority in D.C., two of South Dakota’s three congressional delegates say they plan to attend the inauguration.

“Most people have asked me if I feel safe going to the inaugural and the reality is, it’s most dangerous when you’re not prepared and our country is absolutely prepared, perhaps over prepared,” said Rep. Dusty Johnson. “My wife and I are so confident about it, my guest is my 15-year-old son.”

Johnson adds that the riots on January 6 showed that safety is something the nation can not take for granted.

Senator John Thune calls the massive law enforcement presence, “regrettably sad”, because a peaceful transfer of power is the “hallmark of the American system of government,” something he says is coveted around the world.

“January 6 was a horrible day,” said Thune. “I think the important thing coming out of this is we will not be deterred and we will hold those responsible to account and we will continue to move forward as a nation and follow the constitution and the laws that guide us.”

Thune will also be in attendance on Wednesday. He also says he feels safe in doing so.

Senator Mike Rounds will not be attending, due to conflicts in scheduling.

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