American Cancer Society grants help cancer patients with travel and lodging

RAPID CITY, S.D.  – The Monument Health Care Institute has received $30,000 in grant funding from the American Cancer Society to help cancer patients pay for transportation and lodging related to their care.

The American Cancer Society grant is part of more than $5.7 million in grant funding awarded to over 400 health systems to alleviate the financial burden of transportation for cancer patients. Cancer patients and their caregivers can use the money to cover expenses such as gasoline, bus fare, hotel rooms and temporary lodging during their treatment.

For cancer patients, especially those who must travel to Rapid City from out of town for chemotherapy and other treatment, the cost of travel and lodging can be a hardship. Depending on the type of therapy, patients must make the trip frequently, and the side effects can leave them exhausted.

“Cancer patients and their caregivers have enough on their plates without worrying about how to pay for travel,” said Kristi Gylten, Director of the Monument Health Cancer Care Institute. “The American Cancer Society’s grants make it easier for patients to concentrate on their care.”

The grants are available through March 31, 2023. For more information, contact the Cancer Care Institute at 605-755-2300.

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