American Association of University Women to hold used book fair

American Association of University Women

American Association of University Women is a national organization that has been around since 1881. It was first founded due to women starting to get college degrees, however they couldn’t get jobs, and AAUW helped facilitate that.

The organization’s mission is to promote equity for women and girls through education, advocacy and research.

Rapid City got its first AAUW organization in 1927 with 30 founding members, and almost all of them lived in the West Boulevard area.


The organization hopes to raise more money so they can offer more scholarships. The goal is to go from six scholarships to 12, but they need the public’s support.

Aauw 5Book Fair Fundraiser

AAUW’s big event coming up Oct. 21, 22 and 23 is their used book sale that happens every year at Central State Fairgrounds.

Everyone is welcome to come out, participate and buy books. However, if you aren’t interested in buying books, donations will be accepted. The money that is donated helps women with their education.

The organization’s scholarships are funded through through the used book sale.

If you would like to learn more about American Association of University Women, visit their Facebook page.

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