Amazon settles California COVID workers notification dispute

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Amazon has agreed to pay $500,000 and be monitored by California officials to ensure it properly notifies its workers about new coronavirus cases.

The settlement announced Monday requires the Seattle-based retailer to notify its tens of thousands of California warehouse workers within a day of new coronavirus cases in their workplaces.

The company also agreed to stop issuing notices that Attorney General Rob Bonta says don’t adequately tell employees about Amazon’s safety and disinfection plan and workers’ rights related to the pandemic.

“As the company enjoyed booming and historic sales with its stock price doubling, Amazon failed to adequately notify warehouse workers and local health agencies of COVID-19 case numbers, often leaving them unable to effectively track the spread of the virus,” Bonta told reporters in San Francisco at an event held across the street from an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon says in a statement that the company is glad that the case was resolved and that no substantive safety issues were found.

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