Allender proposes new position to manage profitable downtown parking plan

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It’s been about a year-and-a-half since Rapid City went forward with a new downtown parking plan, and Mayor Steve Allender says it’s working well.

In a letter to the Common Council, the Mayor says the goals of the plan are being met. It involved removing free hourly spots – considered to be premium downtown parking – and moving to metered and leased parking.

The Mayor cites an increase in parking revenue of a little more than $700,000. He says one issue needs to be corrected, what he calls the ‘highly inefficient and expensive management,’ by adding a Parking Operations Manager.

“We’re doing the management portion wrong; about twenty percent of the management of our parking is in the Finance Office, about twenty percent is in Public Works and about sixty percent is in the Police Department,” Allender said. “That’s a very inefficient model of managing, so we want to start by adding a city employee that will be paid for through the additional revenue that will better manage those lots and protect that important city infrastructure.”

The position of Parking Operations Manager, if approved, would report directly to the Community Development Director.

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