Allender presents budget proposal, aims to address police staffing and homeless issues

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monday night Mayor Steve Allender presented his budget proposal for next year in a special session of the Common Council.

The mayor says city revenue is up and he wants to take full advantage of it – especially when it comes to staffing city departments.

AllenderA big need is in law enforcement, where waning numbers are taking a toll.

The mayor is also prioritizing new efforts to combat the homeless epidemic, which he says accounts for a large portion of service calls, putting a strain on all departments.

“We are seeking to solve a couple of major problems. One with the local police department that is significantly over worked. The data that we have shows that our officers are about seventy percent more burdened with work load than the average officer in the region, in the state, and perhaps in the nation,” Allender says. “So, we have a growth plan for the RCPD to add police officers over a period of time to try and balance out that work load.”

The council will vote on the proposed budget at an upcoming regular meeting.

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