All aboard the snow train: Last stop, bitterly cold weekend

The jet stream acts like railroad tracks, bringing multiple system through our area before finally sinking South this weekend, bringing cold conditions

Accumulating snow looks likely for our region over the next couple of days, finishing off with cold temperatures this weekend. Let’s dig right in.

  • Light snow showers will move East, leaving us with partly cloudy skies and a relatively warm day in the Hills, reaching the 30’s in many locations. Variable light winds for the day.
  • Starting between 8 pm and midnight, our next round of snow will move into the region, bringing several inches of snow. Areas North of I-90 could receive up to 2-3″ of snow, Rapid City could see 1-2″ of snow, while areas South of I-90 receive around 1″+
  • Light mixed precipitation and freezing rain isn’t out of the question for areas like Fall River, Custer and Oglala Lakota Counties going into Thursday evening and Friday morning. Winds will generally be out of the North, at 10-15 mph.
  • Temperatures will hit the middle teens Friday morning with winds still coming out of the North around 10-15 mph. Scattered snow showers will continue throughout the morning with mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon
  • The next round moves in late Friday into Saturday morning. This time temperatures will not recover, with lows dipping into the negatives and high’s barely reaching 0° in some cases. Several inches of snow could be likely by Saturday afternoon, this time South of I-90.
  • Temperatures will struggle to reach the single digits all weekend, while overnight temperatures will dip well below zero. Wind Chill advisories look likely for the weekend, with breezy Northwesterly winds possible. Single digit highs for Monday.
  • Things clear out Sunday going into next week, with chilly temperatures sticking around into Tuesday, before a brief warm up looks likely for Wednesday with temperatures possibly in the lower 30’s
  • Watching…. yet… another system for the middle of next week. Too early to tell exact timing or characteristics, but will keep track.

Expected Radar Coverage for the next 48 hours. Notice we get a little bit of a break Friday afternoon before snow returns late Friday evening.

Here’s the expected accumulations from tonight into Friday morning. This does NOT show Saturday’s system, as the forecast guidance is a little far out to give exact specifics, but it looks likely that areas South of I-90 will receive several inches of snow.

The Snow train: systems will travel along the jet stream at least until this weekend. Warm air tries to fight back by the middle of next week, but notice our next system forming just North of Washington State by late next week.

Here are a look at road conditions and temperatures

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