Aglow International Jail Book Ministry

When you're in jail, your love for your kids doesn’t stop, but your contact with them does. The Aglow Book Program is helping mothers and children keep a bond.

Aglow International is a non -profit, transdenominational organization of Christian women and men. One ministry they do locally is the jail book program.

The Rapid City Aglow International’s Book Program has been impacting lives of families in the Pennington County Jail since 1993. Volunteers bring books in for the incarcerated mothers to pick out, then they read the book while being recorded. Volunteers then burn a CD of the mother’s recording, and mail or hand deliver the book along with the CD to her children. 

Sandee has been involved in this outreach since the beginning and says it makes a difference on so many levels.

Sande Lofberg, U.S Regional Director Aglow International “For the children to be able to hear their mom’s voice – and then for the kids to get a gift from mom, you know, especially if they’re farther away and they are not having visits at the jail with their moms.”

It’s a second chance to have contact with their children. Volunteers with the organization see firsthand the impact the connection is making in the families who are affected by incarceration.

Kendall Hildebrand, Book Program Volunteer, says, “I think it’s really amazing that they get that chance, to reach out to their kids like that. On the kids side, it’s very important for the kids I believe to have that interaction with their mother.  And a big thing for my family is reading books at bedtime to my kids, so the fact that they may get to get to hear their mom’s voice before bed, reading them a story is really amazing I think.”

Barbara Rogers, Book Program Volunteer, says,  “I just find it to be an amazing way for them to reach out to their kids when they haven’t been able to hold them in who knows how long or when they will be able to hold them and read to them next.”

The goal of the program is to show compassion by reaching out with personalized readings – the mother-child bond can still exist.”

Hildebrand says the program is about forgiveness, “You know it’s important that these women know that too, so that they can love themselves because when you’re in that position, you don’t really love yourself. Here I am I’m way from my family, you know, my kids are the ones paying for it. Essentially, the kids don’t have a choice, you know at least they can have the contact with their mom, at least the mom can minister that into them, you know, forgiveness, love.”

The Program is always need of volunteers for the book program and donations to purchase cds, books, and postage.

They will also accept lightweight, gently used books.

Zonta financially supports this program along with local churches.

The local Aglow email is and the phone number is (605) 872-2007.



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