After Rapid City Landfill fire, importance of proper waste disposal especially important

RAPID CITY, S.D.– In the wake of Monday’s fire at the Rapid City landfill, residents are being reminded of what they can and cannot dispose of.

Landfill TourThe Rapid City Fire Department says the fire started in the Material Recovery Facility, which was confined to a pile of cardboard boxes. While cardboard and other recyclable materials are accepted for disposal, officials warn against dumping anything that can easily ignite.

“Lithium batteries, that’s a huge one. If they get run over or they go through the grinder, they do explode. A small poof but because they are batteries they do that,” Solid Waste Outreach Coordinator Ria Harper explained. “And hot ashes, that’s a huge one, or any ashes at all. If you do have ashes from the fireplace, especially since winter is coming up, we do ask that you just bring them directly out to the landfill so that they are not getting mixed in with the garbage.”

The landfill also has special methods in place for disposing of things such as sharp objects and yard waste to help ensure the safety of everyone.

“Our biggest thing out there is safety and we do want to make sure there aren’t fires that are igniting,” Harper said. “Sharps for example, those have to be in specific containers. We do handle most of our trash by hand and we don’t want someone getting punctured or anything like that.”

More information on how to dispose of these items can be found here.

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