Advisory issued to Rapid City residents following increased complaints of shoddy roof repairs

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Building Services Division is issuing an advisory to homeowners following a spike in complaints from residents about shoddy roof repairs.

According to Building Services Division Manager Brad Solon, the City has been fielding multiple complaints, questions and concerns from frustrated homeowners and contractors about the

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

quality of roofing work provided by certain contractors and crews.

The concerns involve contractors who have arrived this summer in response to weather-related roofing and home repair issues being experienced by homeowners. The City says that in some instances, the work does not comply with building codes and requirements.

“We have many reputable roofing and home contractors in the Rapid City area, all with great credentials whose crews know what needs to be done and who work in compliance with City codes and don’t cut corners,” said Solon. “Unfortunately, we have some new arrivals who have questionable credentials, whose work is not meeting City codes and requirements, and it can leave some homeowners in a worse situation.”

Solon says residents should always check the credentials of the roofer and their crew, and ensure the roofing work includes code related items such as ice shield and flashings.

Homeowners can also contact the City to determine any permits needed for roof or home repair work. Homeowner’s insurance should also be checked in order to determine what damage is covered, such as code upgrades.

“Many homeowners don’t know or understand what is required, and are taken advantage of by unscrupulous fly-by-night operators whose crews cut corners to make money and leave town,” said Solon.

The City didn’t name any specific contractors or crews that it’s received complaints about. For more information, residents can contact the Building Services Division at 605-394-4120.

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