Advisories Posted: Snow for the Hills, Wind for the Plains

A Blustery day is on tap, with winter weather advisories and wind advisories being issued across portions of the Black Hills

  • A Quick breakdown shows pretty much what today is going to be like – a little windy, a little rainy and even a little snowy for some areas.
  • Snow and Rain showers will be on and off today, with areas of the Northern Hills expecting upslope enhancement and periods of heavy snow.
  • I have a breakdown of accumulations posted below, but just know that 41° temperatures at Noon today can quickly fluctuate to 32° if a good squall comes in… stay on your toes.

  • A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for The Northern Black Hills and the Bear Lodge Mountains in Wyoming for 4″-7″ of snow above 5000 feet and 1″-4″ of snow below 5000 feet. This advisory goes until midnight tonight.
  • A Wind Advisory has been posted for Rapid City and the I-90 corridor from Sturgis to Wall. This advisory goes until 4 PM this afternoon

  • Conditions will be generally windy across the area this morning, gusting up to 50 mph in some cases.
  • This is expected to stick around to about 1-3 pm when winds finally start to subside

  • This won’t be like Sunday’s event, where Sunday was a huge blob of windy snowy nonsense all day, these will be individual bands that will come and go throughout the day
  • A rain/snow mix can be expected anywhere across our region, but the most persistent snow will stick to the higher elevations.

  • By about 10 PM tonight snow bands will become individual clusters and winds will begin to die down for the evening
  • The Northern Hills could continue to have stubborn snow bands along with some other areas, but most action will be wrapping up by about mindnight

  • Lawrence is once again in the bullseye for the higher accumulations, but the larger accumulations should stick to the higher elevations.
  • Spearfish could get a little more than forecasted, but I think 2-4″ is appropriate – just make sure to take it slow on I-90 between Crook County,WY and Rapid City today
  • Once again, the Southern Hills could be left out to dry with the exception of Custer, which is right on the fine line between the have and have nots
  • Areas North of the Black hills could certainly see a 2 inch mark, just make sure to drive the conditions – not the accumulations. Things can get slushy and icy quickly even with little accumulations.

  • Thursday we see improved conditions, with still cool temperatures but dry and relatively sunnier day
  • Friday takes the cake as we push into the lower and mid 60s for highs in Rapid City, 50s and 60s across the region as a whole


Today could easily be a day where the I-90 corridor sees little impacts, with maybe a snow squall here or there throughout today. But lets be prepared to give ourselves extra time and don’t assume road conditions are good – check conditions before you head out the door. I have 2-4″+ generally for the hills, but i’m sure there will be some areas in the lower elevations that could get much more than that if the winds hit -just- right and upslope enhancement takes off. The good news about our next system this weekend and next week is it seems to be broken up into multiple smaller ones rather than one large one. The jet stream will sit right over us, rather than swing back and forth through our region – which is how we get in trouble. No doubt though, It’ll be colder next week. We may have 2-3 days where we have a tough time getting out of the lower 30s. Keep checking the forecast, as that upcoming system is still far beyond the 3 days out – we’ll revisit the specifics once we get to Friday and definitely Saturday. Be safe out there folks, thanks for trusting us with your forecast! -Brant

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