Adult Nutrition Month

This month is a time to focus on making informed food choices and developing nutritious eating habits.

Governor Kristi Noem has proclaimed March Adult Nutrition Month in South Dakota—a time to focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing nutritious eating and physical activity habits. And it’s never too late to change bad habits. Ditching the fast foods and eating whole foods will fuel your body with vitamins and nutrients, and will also boost your immune system and prevent against chronic disease like pre-diabetes and high cholesterol.

Eric Thompson, M.D. at the Rapid City Medical Center says, “More and more evidence is mounting that Alzheimer’s has also been linked to high fat intake, so if we are using that as our excuse to eat things that taste good we are ending up with more problems down the line because of it. We have to try to plan forward, think ahead, try to prepare ourselves to prevent disability and disease that’s going to be whittling us down. But it’s really a matter of quality of life that’s going to deteriorate gradually if you don’t make better choices.”

Dr. Thompson says it may help you stay on track by preparing meals and ready-to-go snacks on Sunday to get you through the week and get rid of temptation. Don’t even entertain the idea of junk food in the first place.

“Don’t purchase foods that that you should not have in the household.Temptation is a big obstacle for health and if you can just refrain from having it to be tempted by, you will do much better,” says Thompson. 

The right mix of foods each day will ensure more energy and contribute to improved health. The USDA recommends you focus on whole fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, lean proteins and low fat dairy.

“We have things that we grow, things that are provided to be eaten for us (on earth). We are choosing to get the factory stuff that is processed or refined, that has already been altered and it takes away the nutritional value to a large degree. If we get the things that are grown in the earth, that as a human species that we were meant to consume, they are meant to do a lot of things that we have still yet to understand.”

Thompson adds that proper nutrition should also be added with physical activity and adequate hydration and fiber intake. He encourages trying new recipes or even online food services for new ideas. 

Click here for a link to the Choose My Plate guideline.  Click here for more food and lifestyle guidelines.

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