‘Adopt-A-Senior Anywhere’ Group hopes to reach the isolated population

In an effort to reach out to the elderly population, Rapid City woman Lynn Paulson began a facebook group to connect people.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — One population in particular that is affected by the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic is the elderly.

Elderly Hands

Elderly Hands

In an effort to reach out to seniors all around the U.S., Rapid City woman Lynn Paulson began a Facebook group called “Adopt-A-Senior Anywhere.”

Adoptees can include a senior citizen living alone, a senior couple or a person who is isolated due to hospitalization or a compromised immune system.

Participants are encouraged to brighten a senior’s day with a card, note, small token of kindness, kid’s artwork or whatever small gesture it may be.

Lynn Paulson, “Adopt-A-Senior Anywhere” Facebook group founder, says,

“I just try to match people who have requested to adopt somebody with somebody who might have something of similar interest, you know maybe they were a sports fan, so I know that maybe the adopter enjoys sports.”

Hand Written Note

Hand Written Note

So far, the group has adopted out 43 seniors. The connection is meant to last past the pandemic. If you know of a senior that could use this connection, please leave a message in the Facebook Group.

You can email NewsCenter1’s Anya Mueller at amueller@newscenter1.com for information on how to become a member or if you know a senior that could use this connection.





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