Addiction Recovery: “I can build a life that I never had”

Care Campus reaches one-year mark

RAPID CITY, S.D. -For many, the Care Campus has been a saving grace, a second chance.

That holds true for Benny Kirkland. Kirkland started using substances at a young age starting with marijuana and eventually turning to methamphetamine.

He used for recreation here and there but he says his addiction didn’t start until he got older when he lost a friend to liver failure, caused by alcoholism

 “I quit my job to be a nursemaid because he didn’t want to go into hospice. He became a father, a child, he became everything in my life. When I had to pull the plug on him it devastated me,” said Kirkland.

He came to the point where he could not take care of basic day-to-day tasks. He was arrested for possession and ingestion of meth. After spending time in jail, benny was sent to the Care Campus.

There he took a Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse Class (CBISA) and after that, he went to moral recognition therapy (MRT).  These classes taught him how to cope with trauma, triggers, and everyday life.

“Because of that, I can build a structure of a life that I never had. Everything is going good now. The treatment is top-notch and really the backbone of it was the staff,” said Kirkland.

Kirkland has been sober for over a year and he attributes his sobriety to the counselors and doctors that helped start a new life.

“I mean the Care Campus is great, it’s a great facility. It’s laid out really nice but it’s just walls without the staff, you know it really is,” said Kirkland.  

Specializing in substance abuse and addiction counseling, the Care Campus provides inpatient and outpatient treatment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse, more information on treatment is available at this link .

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