Adams House Museum received $4.2k for tour upgrades from South Dakota Humanities Council

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Adams Museum – part of Deadwood History, Inc.- has received $4,253 for a tour script upgrade, as the current script read by guides is 20 years-old.

“The tour script is from 2000 so it’s 20 years-old,” says DHI Executive Director Carolyn Weber. “And in that time we have uncovered a lot of new information on the families, their activities in the community, on the house itself and its restoration process. So there’s a lot of new information out there that we just cannot not share with people.”

Four influential families have come and gone from the house since it was built in 1892. The Franklin family was a wealthy, Jewish family that contributed to the area. After came the Adams family whom have an unfortunate ending to the story of their lives in Deadwood.

“In 1936, Mary walked away from the house, moved to California and left it vacant for 51 years,” Weber said.

The house has since been restored to its current state. More information on the house has been discovered since restoration in 2000, hence the rewriting of the tour script and changing out of artifacts. All of which cost money.

The hopes are to have all the planned changes done by the time tours start in spring.

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