Activists protest SD House passage of transgender athletics bill

RAPID CITY, S.D. — During the cracker barrel, just outside Western Dakota Tech, a group of activists showed their opposition for House Bill 1217.

Last Wednesday, the South Dakota House of Representatives approved the bill, which prevents transgendered girls from participating in female sports in public schools and colleges.

Outside of WDT’s facility, two groups of LGBT supporters could be seen with rainbow flags and signage opposing what they consider to be a targeted bill.

The group believes the bill is arbitrary and would only prove to be detrimental to students who oftentimes are just looking for acceptance.

“Right now, there isn’t even a transgender woman in South Dakota participating in sports, so this bill really has no basis, because it doesn’t even affect anybody that is currently living in our state. We have one transgender athlete, and he’s a transgender male,” said Toni Diamond.

Diamond says there is currently a transgender athlete policy in the state that has been acceptable and vets students before approving them to participate in various sports.

She says that policy has worked to protect both non-trans and trans children.

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