ACEs Training

Thirty-eight passionate individuals from around the state gathered Friday in Rapid City to train in the ACEs program.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — ACEs stands for “adverse childhood experiences,” which includes stressful or traumatic events that happen to children before the age of 18.

ACEs are common and widespread, but they don’t have to define someone’s future or potential.


The training is though the collaboration of the Children’s Home Society South Dakota and the Center of the Prevention of Child Maltreatment of USD and is for anyone that works with children, has children, or interacts with others on a daily basis.

The ACEs program has a mission of building resilient communities and understanding effective responses to trauma.

Tifanie Petro, Children’s Home Society advocacy and prevention program director, says, “I just encourage and empower people to learn more and learn about what’s really going on in our communities, and how do we help kids and families and individuals be safer. ”

Since the program was brought here in 2018, South Dakota has educated over 7,000 people in the ACEs information.

 Click here to learn more about the program and how to attend a training.

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