Abbott House to add two extra facilities

RAPID CITY, SD — The Abbott House in Rapid City is adding two extra facilities thanks to new funding from the city.

The Legal & Finance Committee has approved the re-allocation of $336,000 for two new Abbott Houses.

Abbott House provides foster care and transitional housing for teenagers who are growing out of the system. The facilities will be built on the east side off Highway 44 and will house teenagers who are transitioning to living on their own.

“It’s a good transition period,” says Michelle Schuelke, Community Development Block Grant Manager for Abbott House, “A lot of folks moving into that 18, 19 age range might want some more flexibility, a little more responsibility, but it gives them the chance to be next to those foster families, that foster care.”

The two houses will cost three million dollars. Abbott House already has a $1 million from community donations.

No word yet on when they’ll break ground.

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