Abbott House impacts lives of foster children, and parents

RAPID CITY, S.D.— After Nathan and Christina Padgett found out they could not have children of their own, they decided to look into their options.

One day Christina heard and advertisement for the Abbott House on the radio, and their life was forever changed.

The Padgetts decided to foster back in 2016 — although they had the option of adoption, they figured they could impact more lives through fostering. Within nearly four years they’ve fostered over 20 girls in their home.

“The rewards of watching a child open up and share things with you that they may have never shared with anyone is probably the greatest reward.”

The Abbott House designates homes to married couples to raise the kids in, housing boys and girls separately.

People who foster through the Abbott House often house children with a history of neglect and abuse.

“So it’s nice seeing these children, sometimes for the first time, getting shelter or even getting food. We’ve had kids tell us, you know I didn’t get to really eat very much.”

As of now there are five girls in the home between the ages of 10 and 17 and the Padgetts plan to welcome two more before Christmas.

“Everybody needs somebody to take care of them at a young age. Everybody needs somebody to basically try to show them how life can be and the good things that life can give them.”

Sometimes the children stay for long periods of time, and sometimes they’re at the home for a day — either way the Padgetts hope to be a source of positivity and happiness for the kids.

“A year, two, five years down the road they might call you up and, you know, tell you ‘hey you made an impact on my life’ and when they do that, that’s really a good feeling.”

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