A total Lunar Eclipse is Sunday; Will we have good viewing conditions?

NewsCenter1 Meteorologist Erik Dean has the timeline of events, and the viewing conditions for tonight's Lunar Eclipse.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if by chance you are up at around 10:11 PM MDT (You should be anyway because NewsCenter1 at 10pm will be on at that time, of which you can also watch here, or on the NewsCenter1 App,) you will be able to check out the Lunar Eclipse this evening.

Here are the times in which everything begins:

Total Lunar Eclipse Timeline 1652103104826

I am going to give you a disclaimer right now: Rapid City will not see the penumbral eclipse as the moon will still be below the horizon at that time. Everything else though, we will be able to see.

Lunar Eclipse Conditions 1607437664664

In terms of viewing: Nationally, the majority of the United States will have some prime viewing. Some exceptions to the rule though; From Maine to Washington D.C. will have poor viewing conditions. That story is the same for western New York, through the Ohio Valley, down to the Tennessee Valley, through the ArkLaTex region. The same goes for a little bit of the four corners could see some poor conditions as well, and then through the majority of Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Central and Western Montana, as well as extreme Western Washington, Oregon, and the California Coast.

Lunar Eclipse Conditions 1607437664664

Locally, For the most part, we will be okay as we’ll see clear skies. Parts of Northeast Wyoming, as well as Butte, Lawrence, and Meade counties could see come poor conditions, so if you live in the areas shaded in red, and you want to see it, you’ll need to go out a few miles to a green shaded area for good visibility.

If you have any pictures of the Lunar Eclipse, I would love to see them. You can go to nc1.tv/upload or, you can email me at edean@newscenter1.com, or send them to my Facebook or Twitter.


Hope you have a wonderful evening viewing the eclipse!



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