A successful turnout for the Whitewood Cruisin’ Car Show

WHITEWOOD, S.D. — A great turnout Saturday for the Annual Whitewood Cruisin’ Car Show.

Whitewood Car Show 5

Hundreds of cars, around 200 registered for the ninth annual car show that also featured around 400 people in attendance.

It featured a great family atmosphere to get out and enjoy the event that included games, food, prizes and 50-50 tickets.

Uriah Areheart, the organizer of the car show, says that it gives everyone a great opportunity to pass on an appreciation of a classic car that they can have and make themselves.

“It’s just, it’s fun to get kids involved in hot-rodding I think, it’s something that’s kinda slowly dying out and we try to encourage the youth to like the vintage and older cars and just keep hot-rodding alive,” said Areheart.

The car show was sponsored by the Whitewood Chamber of Commerce.

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