A new Rapid City coffee shop to help the homeless

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The next time you go out for your cup of morning joe, you could be helping with homelessness in Rapid City.

Home Brew, part of the One Heart Campus, opened its doors to the public in early May of this year. The coffee shop is One Heart’s social enterprise, and the only part of the Campus open to the public, providing a face for the work being done by the nonprofit.

Home Brew

All money raised at Home Brew helps to fund the mission of One Heart to assist the housing-insecure residents of Rapid City transition from poverty to a better life. Whenever possible, Home Brew prefers to hire within the One Heart program to help provide real world on the job training.

“A lot of people view the homeless population in Rapid City as the drunk in the alley, the panhandler in the parking lot. Most of the hidden homeless are not like that,” says Summer Wilson, the manager of Home Brew. “This is a way for us to get back on our feet, get life figured out. It allows us to have some breathing room.”

Besides coffee, smoothies, and frappes, Home Brew offers a variety of baked goods and breakfast items. Limited catering and specialty orders are also available through the coffee shop with a week’s notice.

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