A new flyer or frequent flyer, how to handle flight cancelations is good to know

RAPID CITY, S.D. – From brand new flyers to frequent flyers, travel tips on flight cancelations is something that people should know.

When flight cancelations happen, there isn’t much that can be done, after all no one can control the weather. Anyone who had their flight canceled may be able to get certain compensations in order to remain a returning customer to an airline.

“You are entitled to a refund and depending on the situation, you are entitled to that hotel voucher. And so my philosophy is don’t ask, don’t get. So, just always ask the question,” Rhonda Keller, District Director for AAA South Dakota, said. “If you’re stuck in the airport and you realize you’re going to be overnight, ask for that hotel voucher, ask for those meal coupons. You are entitled to those, depending on the situation of the cancelation.”

EscalatorsTry your best to plan ahead by allowing 24 to 48 hours before an event you have to get to in case something does happen with your flight.

A good resource on flight up-dates is the app of the airline in which you are flying.

“Be proactive in your reservation. Double check that itinerary even before you head to the airport,” Keller said.

Flights can get canceled by anything, like weather conditions or staffing shortages for an airline.

If a flight is canceled while you’re in the airport, it’s recommended to get in line at the gate as soon as possible to book a new flight, since it’s usually first come, first serve.

The best thing to do if a flight gets canceled is to be patient and work with the agents helping you reschedule. They are the best resource for you to get an alternative flight to your destination.

“I can’t emphasize enough to pack your patience. If you aren’t a patient person, it can be daunting. It’s exciting because travel is back and everybody wants to travel. The world has opened up,” Gretchen Winters, Director of Marketing for Bursch Travel, said. “It’s amazing how everybody wants to get out there and start enjoying and seeing the world and encountering wonderful experiences.” 

Travel agents can assist with a number of tasks, like making the right recommendations, helping resolve an issues and advocating for a traveler. If you keep them updated on a cancelation, they can even help make arrangements for things like rental cars, hotels or even excursions.

“It’s nice to have somebody right there to reach out to. A lot of these online travel agencies as we learned during the pandemic, they were unreachable,” Winters said. “So, I think the point is that you have somebody in your corner. You have somebody that’s working with you, who knows the ins and outs, has access to numbers of the help desk, that sort of thing.”

Although it may be frustrating, remember to take a deep breath, stay calm and be kind to people helping you. They’re trying their best to get you to your destination.

For more information on traveling tips, you can visit Bursch Travel, AAA, or any travel agencies’ website.

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