A new dance production coming to the Civic Center

RAPID CITY, S.D., — A new Irish dance show will be gracing the Rushmore Civic Center stage starting Sunday, October 11. Celtic Throne explores the ancient origins of Irish step dance as it migrated from the United Kingdom to the United States. The show premiered in July at their home base in Oklahoma, traveled to Branson and is now in Rapid City.

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“I believe that a lot of people are itching to have some entertainment. We want them to come here. We want them to feel comfortable. This kind of show, these Irish type, they always do very well here so it couldn’t be a better show to have” said Executive Director of the Civic Center Craig Baltzer.

The male lead, Jude Flurry, has been dancing since he was 6, placing in the top five in the world Irish dance championships. He says the strength of the show is that everyone has a vital role.

“Everyone has their part to play. The musicians are hugely important but really everyone adds a lot to the show. We would like everyone to think that they’re the lead. Just do your part the best that you can is what we tell everyone and yeah it really is a team effort” said Jude Flurry.

This is the first ticketed event that the Civic Center has widely marketed since the pandemic hit. The first show Sunday at 2 P.M. and the second is Monday night, October 11, at 7 P.M.

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