A junior at Sturgis Brown High School wrote two books to promote a healthy lifestyle

STURGIS, S.D. — Matea Gordon is a junior at Sturgis Brown High School. She recently wrote two children’s books to help share her knowledge of health and wellness with the even younger generation.

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Matea has been teaching others how to live a healthier life ever since she was young. She has been in 4-H since she was eight years old and has even gone to Washington D.C. as a health and wellness ambassador learning how to make healthier choices when it comes to food and exercise.

“I just wanted to use my knowledge I had learned there in D.C. and share it with others,” said Matea. “So I have done health and wellness classes with people and shared to different groups. As well as it’s called fit flow yoga through the state, so it’s just fun easy yoga poses for people.”

Gordon has used public speaking as well as YouTube videos to spread her positive lifestyle message, and now amidst the pandemic she has published two children’s books.

“My first book that I made was “FruVe and Move and Groove, Yeah! Yeah!” So FruVe stands for fruits and vegetables and then groove slash move is like getting your exercises, in that book it’s telling people to try new fruits and vegetables,” Matea said. “And then my second book that I wrote during the pandemic is about six tips that you can learn from a pet. So like, it shows that you have to feed your pet good food so that it will be nice and healthy, and you gotta take it on walks and that’s the same for people, you gotta exercise.”

Both of her books will help to teach kids about healthy lifestyle choices not only for them but for their pet as well. Matea volunteers in the summer reading program in Sturgis, but couldn’t this year due to the pandemic. She is hoping her books will help kids make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

“Just encourage everyone to live healthy lives and it can be as simple as eating, starting your day off with a fruit or vegetables or walking just do what helps you to live a healthy life.”


Links are provided below to see Mateas work:

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