A Brighter Future: Sunshine and dry conditions for Monday & Tuesday

A passing cold front has done much to clean up our atmosphere, burning whatever fuel and moisture was available and leaving us with dry & cooler conditions

  • The passing cold front will sweep away heat and moisture from our region, making it feel more like September than August
  • Temperatures will climb into the upper 70s, with breezy Northerly winds and plenty of sunshine across the area

  • I’m taking thunderstorms out of the forecast for Monday, given our low dew points and stable air aloft
  • That’s not to say there’s a 0% chance (it’s summer in the Black Hills, c’mon), but today is the day to get yard work done, or explore the hills fully and with confidence of a nice day

  • After a clear and cool Monday night, Tuesday could have even cooler temperatures, with highs in the mid 70s, maybe getting to 80 if we’re lucky
  • Forecast Guidance shows the possibility of a few thunderstorms popping up in the Black Hills Tuesday afternoon, but i’m not convinced yet. Air is still dry, with dew points hardly reaching the 50s in some cases

  • I’m more of a believer of afternoon thunderstorms on Wednesday, as moisture starts become more convincing, with upper air dynamics to support it
  • Not a total washout, but we’ll need to keep an eye on things going into Wednesday and Thursday as a couple stronger storms could be part of our gameplan
  • The weekend looks unsettled, but a little far out for specifics. Temperatures will remain, for the most part, slightly below average

Thanks to everyone who sent in their storm reports and pictures over the weekend. Some areas experienced crippling flash floods, and baseball sized hail in some cases. Very powerful dynamics on display over the last couple of days, and I think we’ve earned a well deserved break. Get out, enjoy the Hills. You’ve earned it, but be safe out there and make sure to check on your neighbors after our crazy week of weather. -Brant

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