A Brave New Pattern: Friday kicks off a stormy schedule

Going through next week, showers an thunderstorms look likely for not only the Black Hills, but the northern plains as a whole

  • Most of us will stay dry today with temperatures reaching the 60’s and 70’s across the region.
  • A few spotty showers will be likely across the Southern Hills and out towards the Great Plains

  • Wyoming for the most part will stay dry, with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s
  • Tomorrow will be much of the same, except drier and a little bit warmer with temperatures in the 70’s and even a few 80’s

  • Winds turn Southerly on Thursday, ushering in a new distinct pattern across not only the Black Hills but across the Northern Plains as a whole
  • Thursday night will feature showers and thunderstorms encroaching into Wyoming, moving their way into the Black hills by early Friday morning
  • Friday will still be warm, but showers and thunderstorms will be possible throughout the day, some of them could be on the stronger side

  • The weekend may not be a total washout, but an inside-activity contingency plan for Father’s Day would be wise at this point
  • Temperatures will at least reach the 70’s for the most part, with cooler conditions up in the Hills
  • Any outdoor activity plans should take into account the possibility of lightning, and a few strong storms

  • The Jet Steam, the all important highway of upper level winds will support shower and thunderstorm activity in our region stretching from Friday into the middle portion of next week
  • As long as moisture and heat is pulled into our region, daily chances of showers and thunderstorms look likely

  • Temperatures will struggle to reach 80° stretching well into next week for the hills
  • Meanwhile, the West coast will roast with well above normal temperatures and dry conditions

  • With above normal precipitation expected once again, we’ll need to watch rivers and streams as soil moisture is still very high in some parts

Although showers and thunderstorms are likely in the forecast, the reality is that the forecast doesn’t call for a total washout. As the weekend gets closer, a timetable and schedule for these thunderstorms will become more apparent, and we very well may have dry pockets going into next week. Right now though, forecast guidance is having a hard time separating out those individual gaps. Stay tuned to the forecast!

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