A Black Hills Weather Buffet: Winter today, Spring by Friday

Several inches of snow will fall across the region over the next 48 hours, followed by a nice warm up and plenty of sunshine

  • Snow is already falling across the region with light, fluffy flakes falling in Rapid City with temperatures in the 20s and 30s across the region.
  • These snow showers will be continuing on and off over the next 48 hours, with several inches of snow expected for portions of the region but overall light accumulations.


Interactive radar shows those snow bands criss crossing the region from northwest to Southeast. Eventually this trend will bring colder air into the region by Tuesday.

Here are a quick look at road conditions across the region

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Rapid City - North

Rapid City - South

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Spearfish - East

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Hot Springs - Maverick Junction North

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South Dakota Road Conditions

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  • A few of these bands this morning could have some heavy spots, so just use caution.
  • Thankfully winds should be on the lighter side overall, so blowing snow won’t be as much of an issue.
  • Areas of fog and large “pancake snowflakes” could drop visibility however. With the lower winds, comes the higher probability of larger snowflakes and higher accumulations.

  • Having that said, through Tuesday evening most areas will see only a couple inches at the most.
  • The central hills and southern hills could actually see some decent accumulations out of this, so watch out for those heavier bands as you move through areas of Custer, Hot Springs and areas of Fall River County.

  • The next couple of days will be chilly, but a very nice warm up is on the way for the weekend.
  • Plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s this weekend will give way to another possible system going into early next week, bringing cold and unsettled weather.


Hows that for Black Hills weather? Close to zero degrees Tuesday night, followed by 50s and sunshine this weekend… compared to February of last year where we had an average temperature of 8° for the whole month?.. we’ll take it. With temperatures so close to 32° today, we’ll continue to see large fluffy snowflakes. This means accumulations could add up very quickly and make roadways slick. As temperatures continue to drop through Tuesday, you’ll notice the snowflakes start to change. Nice dendritic flakes will be likely then, leading to a more powdery snow.

With the warm temperatures this weekend, I’m looking ahead towards next week where the jet stream seems to unravel and go back to roller coaster mode. Something I’ll save for later forecast discussion, got to have something to talk about right? Stay safe out there folks, we’ll continue to update road conditions throughout the morning.

Oh, Happy Presidents Day! – Brant

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