86 mph winds rock Pine Ridge: Forecast calls for breezy conditions, but overall relief

After a wild Sunday, we can look forward to cooler conditions, if a bit breezy at times
  • A side Note: if you have any pictures or storm reports, we would love to compile them and submit them to the national weather service for official records. you can post those HERE

  • Before we dive head first into discussing yesterday’s event, here’s what we’re expecting going into this afternoon
  • Temperatures will struggle to reach 70°, with Northwesterly winds picking up in the afternoon. Gusts up to 40 MPH will be possible all the way through Tuesday.
  • A few isolated showers will be possible this afternoon and overnight, conditions will dry out Tuesday with sunny skies and continued cool temperatures

  • Yesterday’s storm event was triggered by a couple of things, but two obvious things stick out right away
  1. Temperatures almost reached 90° in Rapid City yesterday, above the forecasted high temperature of lower 80s (that I had at least)
  2. A stout cold front and upper level dynamics rolled together like an avalanche and plowed through the Black hills Region, even receiving some enhancement as it approached the Hills.
  3. With the heat and moisture at the surface moisture and dry air aloft, this allowed dry air to plunge to earth as storms swept through, bringing to the surface very high winds.

  • One particular cell seemed to cause most of the mentioned damage from yesterday. At 6:42 PM, Gillette reported 70 MPH + winds in the region and quarter sized hail
  • One station reported a 77 mph wind gust. Drainage was quickly overwhelmed with torrential rainfall as flooding, high winds and large hail all hit at once
  • Large trees, power poles and other structures were damaged during this storm in Gillette, knocking out the power for a large section of town.
  • If you’re looking for information regarding The city of Gillette and free tree limb/yard waste disposal, you can check out their facebook page HERE

  • After causing further ruckus in Crook and Weston county, this particular cell pushed into Custer and Fall River County with increasingly larger hail and sustained gusty winds of around 60 mph
  • At 8:51 PM, Golfball + Sized hail was confirmed near Minnekahta, about 11 miles NNE of Edgmont. This location is West of Hot Springs in Northern Fall River county
  • Hot Springs would barely miss the main hail core and storm to the South by about 5 miles, although hail reports and winds reports were still worth of distinction despite missing the main show.
  • There were unconfirmed reports that tornado sirens were going off at Angostura Reservoir, although no tornado warning was issued for the area. This may have been an effort to get people in shelter, given the dangerous situation unfolding just the the Northwest

  • Pine Ridge got the final blow in our area at 10:03 PM, with a whopping 86 MPH wind gust recorded right at the peak of the storm
  • Notice the “bowing” structure of this thunderstorm, how the pink and purple seems to bend under some unseen weight
  • The “nose” of this bowing structure is where you would see your highest winds, and Pine Ridge sits right at the zenith of this structure at the 10 PM hour
  • If you have damage or If you are looking for more information on emergency services in Pine Ridge or Oglala Lakota County due to the storm, you can find information HERE

  • Here are some of the numbers so far from Sunday evening’s storm event
  • Keep in mind, most of these reports came from ONE supercell thunderstorm at the southern edge of this overall system

  • Hail reports, thankfully were on the lower side of the spectrum for the most part.
  • As the storm was crossing Fall River County however, radar was indicating that areas South of Angostura Reservoir may have received larger than 4″ hail, larger than softball! Make sure you send in your storm reports so we can confirm what radar is seeing!

  • Moving forward from our crazy Sunday, we have gusty Northwesterly winds through Tuesday evening with diminishing chances of rain.
  • Our next decent shot of storms looks to be Thursday evening, when a cold front is progged to push through our area once again. This will drop temperatures on Thursday from low 80s down to mid 60s by Friday afternoon.

If you have storm reports, we would love to receive them. You can submit that information HERE.They are critical to studying these events and it lets us know how accurately our radar and technology is recording events as they are happening. If the radar says 4″ hail but we’re only getting quarter sized, that’s an issue. If you were in one of these hard hit areas but got away relatively unscathed, check on your neighbors. Storms have a way of hitting very specific areas very hard and going easy on others. If there’s any information or links on how folks can reach out and get help, feel free to share it with us and we’ll post the information. Be safe out there folks, and remember you can make somebody’s bad day a lot better with a kind word or a helping hand. let’s get out there and help each other. – Brant

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