8-10 club lights up Oak Park in Whitewood

WHITEWOOD, S.D. — It finally felt like Christmas, and a group in Whitewood took time to decorate Oak Park for a good cause.

Every year the 8-10 club hosts a Festival of Trees with the Whitewood Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce. The purpose is to raise scholarship funds for Whitewood seniors. The club offers two, one thousand dollar scholarships for seniors heading to college.

“We think it’s a really important thing to help students from Whitewood have a chance earn a scholarship, and so we’ve been doing that for several years. It’s normally funded by the Festival of Trees,” said 8-1-0 Club Whitewood member Hillary Hill. 

Like many other events, the Festival of Trees was also cancelled this year. Still, the club wanted to do something special for the community. Hills says she got the idea after a run through the park. She said, for all it’s years in existence, it has never been decorated for the holidays and is often under-utilized.

“We just thought that we could come up here and decorate Oak Park and light it up for Christmas, something for all the residents to enjoy. And since we don’t have the Festival of Trees this year, we’re just going to put a couple of donation boxes in businesses around town,” said Hill.

The group received donations and decorations from the 8-10 club, the fire and police department, Whitewood We Do, and a city councilman. The police department, which usually operates a DARE float for the festival, decorated a DARE tree. Oak Park will be lit up every night until Christmas.

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