Looking for a job in education? Here are 7 opportunities available right now at Rapid City Area Schools

RAPID CITY, S.D –  Everyone has heard about the shortage of teachers afflicting South Dakota schools, but the need for people extends beyond the classroom.

Here are some other positions that the Rapid City School District is looking to fill:

  • Paraprofessional – $13-$17 hourly

    Paraprofessionals are student support staff that help assist teachers in the classroom, provide one-on-one assistance directly to students who need it, and teach Special Education courses. Paraprofessionals must have completed at least 48 credit-hours of college courses or have a sufficient score on the Praxis test.

  • Office Secretary –  $14.79 to $17.57 hourly

    School secretaries carry out a variety of clerical work and data entry tasks which will vary from school to school. Expected hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

    Screenshot 2022 02 23 153601

    A poster advertising the need for substitute teachers hangs in the lobby at Black Hawk Elementary

  • Substitute: ~$100 per day, depending on qualifications

    While the teacher shortage goes on, substitute teachers are in greater demand than ever. Rather than just an occasional substitute to fill in when a teacher gets sick, some schools are needing substitutes to fill in for extended periods while the school works to hire more full-time teachers.

  • Bus driver: $16.03 – $18.35 per hour

    None of the other positions in a school matter if the children can’t make it to the building. Bus drivers work part time, in the hours leading up to the school day starting, and the hours after ends, but receive full benefits. The only requirement is the ability to acquire a South Dakota Commercial driver’s license.

  • Extracurricular assistance: variable pay.

    Separate from classes, people are needed to help operate all of the extracurricular activities that schools hold for students outside of normal school hours. For those who are looking to help out students but can’t take on the commitment of a full-time job, assisting with activities like sports, debate, and theatre is a perfect fit. Some of the current extracurriculars needing people in the district are:

    • High school debate
    • Gymnastics
    • High school softball
    • High school and middle school knowledge bowl
    • Middle school volleyball
  • Human resource manager – $70,000 to $89,000 salary

    What better way to assist schools with personnel shortages than to manage hiring for the school district? They’re looking for an experienced HR worker who can handle employee relations, negotiations, training, HRIS/data management, onboarding, compliance, and benefits/compensation analysis. The required qualifications are as high as the pay: a bachelor’s degree in business administration and at least 5 years of experience handling HR operations for a large organization.

  • Data Analyst – $62,140.00 to $78,715.00 salary

    The school district is looking for a data analyst to gather, analyze and present data about the school’s performance to allow the district’s leadership to make more informed decisions.
    At a minimum, the position requires bachelor’s degree in instructional technology, mathematics, finance, statistics, computer science, or related field.

    You can view all of the open positions with Rapid City Area Schools and apply here.

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