6th Street Corridor moving forward after Public Works meeting

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Public Works Committee has accepted a draft report to move forward with plans to install a “6th Street Corridor.” The final draft plan should be complete in a month, but in the meantime city leaders are looking for public feedback.

Rapid City’s proposed “6th Street Corridor” hopes to seamlessly connect downtown businesses to memorial park and the new monument arena with a pedestrian walkway. The cities Public Works Committee reviewing several design options.

Kip Harrington, long range planner for Rapid City, said “A couple different crossing options, one would be what’s called a park cover. Which would elevate 6th Street a little bit and lower Omaha Street a little bit. And extend Memorial Park over Omaha Street and tie it to downtown. Another one is called a ribbon walkway which would be an elevated pedestrian walkway that goes up and over Omaha Street. Those are just a couple initial concepts we presented, however when we get into the engineering phase of the study more concepts may emerge and we will examine those,”

Multiple options are being looked at the funding side of things as well.

“We’ll look at a combination of funds, maybe leverage some city funds. Perhaps the Vision Fund would be eligible, also look at some Federal Grant opportunities that are available to us as well.” Said Harrington

The draft will now be evaluated by the South Dakota Department of Transportation, they will take into account traffic numbers and intersections totals for every year. As major road construction would be included in the project.

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