6th annual ‘Gallantly Forward Gala’

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The ‘Gallantly Forward Gala’ is put on by the sergeant Colton Levi Derr Foundation, the foundations main goal is to raise awareness about the huge issue facing veterans and active duty military members, suicide. Sergeant Derr battled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following his combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He took his own life in 2012, the foundation honors Colton by helping his fellow veterans. Events such as the “Gallantly  Forward Gala’ The Sgt. Colton Levi Derr 5k, and the Knights of Colombus Golf Tournament all bring awareness and shine light on a subject some people don’t like talking about.

“We started 5 years ago doing a golf tournament for ’em.” Said Chairman for the Knight of Colombus William Winch. “Five years ago we were challenged to do something for local veterans organization we chose the Derr Foundation because they exhibit what we call grace. They took the extreme pain and lose of their son Colton and changed it to love for vets. One thing that our vets need to know is there is hope, you don’t have to feel unloved or that you can’t be forgiven for things you have seen and done over there. There is love out for vets and we will show it to ’em.”

The Knights of Colombus Golf Tournament will be July 9th, and the proceeds will go to the Sgt. Colton Levi Derr Foundation.

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